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Garage Door Brands And Types

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-19
Much like many other industries there are always companies at the forefront, these companies are often well established and have excellent products. Many have innovated and pride themselves on the quality of the products they provide. But which companies should be trusted in the garage door industry? Within the garage door industry there are a few companies that stick out from the crowd such as: Hormann - This Company has been around for many generations and has a tight network of over 50 company-owned subsidiaries and many authorised dealers in 30+ countries. In the 1950s the industrial production of the 'Berry' up & over garage door laid a great foundation for the future. Today the company offers a wide range of garage door types and continues to grow and innovate year by year. Cardale - With over 50 years in the garage door industry Cardale are recognised for introducing the concept of the 'panel door' from which most door designs are delivered today. This company takes pride in the reputation for excellent quality and choice they offer. Cardale are recognised for crafting beautiful timber garage doors with craftsmanship that is unrivalled. Garage door types There are many different garage door types available to home owners today. As your garage door can provide 1/3 of the overall look of your property the choice is quite important. If you are looking for a rustic country feel you may wish to look at wooden doors which come in many different designs. The most popular options for wooden garage doors are up & over and side hinged. If you have the space to open your doors and believe the old style will fit the overall look of your property better the side hinged version may be better for you. Many people like to use their garage for many different kinds of storage. I believe that the roller garage doors give the most benefit to home owners with this wish. As this door rolls up it doesn't take up much roof space, this can be used to store as many things as possible. This in turn can free up more space to use shelving units and cupboards to store even more. Most types of garage door can also now be automated. This means when it is raining and you arrive home you can still get the car in the garage without leaving your car. Even though this option is more expensive I imagine most people will invest in this.
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