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Exterior Wood Doors and Feng Shui

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-30
If you're interested in feng shui, the front door should be one of your main areas of focus. Why? Well, according to the principles of feng shui, that is where 'Chi,' or energy, enters the home. In fact, the front door is often called 'the mouth of Chi.' One thing is for certain; exterior wood doors are the way to go. If you want to keep the good energy in your home, you'll want solid wood. When you're out there shopping for exterior doors, you will have to keep a few feng shui principles in mind in order to keep your home's energy positive. Use this handy guide to help ensure that you buy a door that keeps the energy flowing through your home. Size Matters When the contractor is framing out the space for your wood doors, make sure the size is in proportion with the size of your home. If the door is too large, according to feng shui, opportunities are likely to slip away. If the door is too small, not enough energy will flow through the home and your household will be lacking harmony. Also, the front door must be larger than the back door. This encourages Chi to enter through the front of the house, which will help facilitate proper flow through the home. D?锟絚or Should be Minimal It's best to keep things simple with your exterior wood doors if you want to feng shui your home. As mentioned above you'll want solid wood, so you should avoid buying a door with window paneling. But if the damage is already done, just get a muslin curtain to cover the windows and be sure to keep them covered at all times. Whole exterior doors are best, but this will work in a pinch. Whatever you do, do not hang a mirror on your door. People who follow feng shui believe that mirrors can steal energy. Also, refrain from adding any sharp edges or angled designs to your exterior doors. These are considered 'poison arrows' that can transform energy from positive to negative. This is likely the worst thing you can do. In fact, if you can buy curved exterior doors, you probably should. Color and Direction are Never Random You may want a red door so your home stands out in the neighborhood, but reds aren't always the best choice. The colors you choose for your exterior wood doors should reflect the directions they face. If your door faces south, red, pink or burgundy is appropriate. This corresponds with the element of fire. Southwest facing exterior doors should be painted in a shade of yellow or brown. If your door faces the west, any shade of silver, gold, copper or white will work just fine. Blacks and blues are suitable for north-facing doors, while doors that look to the east are painted green. Once you have your exterior wood doors up and painted, you're on your way to having positive energy flowing through your home. Just be sure to avoid cluttering the area around the door with things like shoes and umbrellas. In feng shui, clutter creates a stagnant energy. Keeping the area clear is the last step you need to ensure that the 'mouth of Chi' remains open in your home.
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