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Exterior Doors The Easy Way Out

by:Casen Doors     2020-06-30
Front exterior doors may be the most highly used door in your house, or if your house has a door into the garage, it may rarely be used. If that is the case you need to check it out more frequently to make sure it is free of dirt and grime, and is in good condition. You should keep the hinges oiled so the door doesn't squeak and groan when it is opened. The door knobs should be wiped off occasionally, and check your door bell and light on your front porch. The step outside your front door will be the welcome mat to your home. It is the first thing a visitor sees, and if the front door area is clean and well cared for, the rest of your home should be in the same condition. Wood doors are the most popular, but wood changes with the weather. It will shrink, bow, swell, stick or allow drafts through it, so you need to protect it. A good spray wax and a clean rag may do the trick, or if it is badly worn you may need to refinish it. It the door sticks, you can shave and sand it, then reseal it. If it is not made of solid wood, you need to replace it for safety's sake. Fiberglass entry doors are popular, and provide many years of service without a lot of upkeep. Many of them look like wood, and only a contractor will be able to tell the difference. You can even paint fiberglass, and if there is glass involved be sure to tape it off before you paint. You can scrape paint off glass, but if the glass is plastic, the paint adheres to the plastic and is harder to remove. (I speak from experience here.) Fiberglass doors are more expensive but are becoming more popular because of their easy care. Wood of course is traditional so will always be in style. You do have another option, steel doors. They are very cost effective, and will give you the best security, but their initial cost may be prohibitive Besides color and type of finish, paint may be an option. Choose a color that either matches or contrasts with the rest of your house. Dark colors fade quicker especially if they are in the direct sunlight all day.
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