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Cozy Arts and Crafts Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-05
The type of front door you have can speak volumes about your home and, naturally, yourself. Some doors are bold in color, while others feature elaborate decorations. Some feature stained glass designs while others include no glass at all. Arts and crafts doors can be a unique way of expressing your personality with a door you love, as well as the personality of the kind of home you keep. Typically you will see arts and crafts doors in a particular type of housing. They are also known as Craftsman or Shaker style doors and were very popular during the 1900s. These doors have an unusual style that includes a stile and rail frame and simple square, what is known as, 'sticking' which are corner edges. Flat panels can usually be found in an arts and crafts door, giving it a simple design, although this isn't a mandatory style. Doors can also have multiple panels, designs, as well as glass panels. A quick search online of arts and crafts door images will also reveal one other interesting design: a small shelf or corbel typically located near the top under glass window panels. While you will most often find these door types with houses of the same style, it isn't unusual to see them in other house styles as well. So even if you don't have a Craftsman or Bungalow style home, you can still install an arts and crafts door if you feel it will suit the rest of your home. You can choose the wood type, how many panels the door will have, whether or not to include lites (window panels) in your door, and even whether you want to include the shelf. There are a multitude of designs you can choose from, or you can customize your door to get exactly what you envisioned for your home. Arts and crafts doors have that nice, homey feel to them that invite people into your house. The glass panes above the shelf can be particularly fun to consider because of the myriad of ways they can be shaped, colored, etched, and more. Choose a dark hardwood with frosty panes or a lighter colored wood with numerous small panels. The possibilities are endless with an arts and crafts door. Talk to a professional today about what might work best for your home and what you hope to install. They may be able to offer you some great ideas, whether it's wood color or panel numbers.
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