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Wooden Front Doors - The Elegant And Secure Choice

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-13
For many years UPVC plastic has been the popular choice of material for front doors but recently more and more homes appear to be opting for wood as the material of choice. Wooden front doors are an excellent way of enhancing your home's style as they are an extremely classy addition to any house. They can be very elegant in design but not at the expense of security. Below are 10 great reasons why wooden doors may be just what you are looking for in your home: 1. Hardwood, durable construction. 2. The factory applied microporous paint system which is included as a matter of course by many manufacturers is low maintenance and all extremely high quality. 3. An insurance approved night latch will often be included in the package. 4. Insurance approved five lever mortise lock. 5. Extremely tough laminated safety glass. 6. Easily fitted with spy holes, slide bolts, chains and letter box covers. 7. Double glazed units filled with argon gas for improved thermal performance. 8. Manufactured to include a full but discreet weather sealing. 9. Panel designs and mouldings can be traditional in style or contemporary. 10. All styles of home can be catered for as there are numerous designs to choose from. On top of the excellent features mentioned above, there is the additional benefit that the doors can be easily decorated to suit your home by either opting for a painted finish or otherwise selecting a varnished or stained finish. The UPVC plastic examples that we have become familiar with are more limited when it comes to design and colour, with only a few colour variations around - though mostly white. Of course wood as a construction material has been used for many years for doors in traditional style homes, but it is increasingly popular for doors and windows in contemporary style homes too. Another excellent way to incorporate wooden doors is as double opening front doors which can be very impressive to look at and also extremely practical when it comes to moving your large furniture into the house. With wood as a door material, repairs can be a DIY procedure but with proper maintenance repairs should be un-necessary - or at least very rare. Bespoke designs can usually be provided by the manufacturers to cater exactly for your specific needs. Many of these manufacturers are also very experienced and professional installers of the doors and so can be trusted to make an excellent job of the removal of your existing door and the installation of your new one. So if you are at the stage of considering the type or style of front door for your house renovation or new build project, don't forget to consider this classy option. Contact a supplier or manufacturer and see if they might have exactly what your home would benefit from.
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