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Why a uPVC Door is The Right Choice For You

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-07
When it comes to choosing the right front or back door, you need the door you choose to be safe, secure and stylish. Wooden doors are all well and good but in terms of strength, security, value for money and style there is a better choice out there. Here are five reasons why you should choose a uPVC door for your home: uPVC Doors are super strong One of the reasons why uPVC is such a popular choice for doors and window frames is that it is very strong. That means it's able to stand up to the general wear and tear you would expect in a busy household. When you choose uPVC you get a great looking door and the peace of mind of knowing that your door will be able to stand up well to knocks and scrapes. In addition the majority of uPVC doors are fitted with the latest in locking mechanisms which means they're easily able to resist lock pickers and burglars. uPVC Door Design is versatile We all want to choose the strongest and most secure doors for our homes, but we don't want to sacrifice style. There are so many different door designs available manufactured in uPVC that you'll really be spoiled for choice. You can find the ideal door that will suit the character of your home perfectly. You can choose a pre designed door, or some companies will even allow you to design your own which can also feature a stained glass window of your choice. uPVC Doors are weather proof Part of the importance we place on choosing the right door rests with weather resistance. uPVC will never warp or buckle as wood can and will stand up to all types of weather conditions including bright sunshine, snow, rain and ice. UPVC is also an incredibly thermodynamic material so it's excellent for keeping heat in and cold out - meaning that uPVC doors are an ideal addition to your time if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills. uPVC Doors are inexpensive You can spend as much or as little as you want to on a uPVC door, but even if you choose the cheapest door available it will still have all the qualities of a pricier model. All uPVC is strong, durable and weather proof so you can spend less and still get a great quality door. If you want a basic model you could pay 100 or less but when you spend a little more it will give you more choice as to color, style and design. You can recycle uPVC Doors In the past many people chose wooden doors over uPVC because very few uPVC products were recycled, meaning most old uPVC ended up in landfill. However that's all changed recently as recycling plants begin to offer services for recycling more unusual materials. There are now several companies who solely recycle uPVC products so if you do need to replace your door you'll be able to find the right person to recycle it. Recycled uPVC can be turned into waterproof coating that's used in swimming pools, shoe soles, flooring, plasticized fabric and even more uPVC doors!
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