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What is raw material for custom interior doors in Casen?
The raw materials for custom interior doors are related to the unique production technology of our products. It can't be unveiled here. Commitment is that the source and quality of raw materials are reliable. We have established long-term relationships with a number of raw material suppliers. Controlling the quality of raw materials is as important as controlling the quality of finished products.

As a large manufacturer of contemporary front doors, Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD is a global leader. The modern doors series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Casen interior wood doors is finished efficiently from material selection to packaging. Casen wood doors are impermeable and hard-to-break. Its bright and comfortable light beam illuminates people and the surroundings, supporting people to work or do other things at night just like working in daylight. Casen wood door is heavy and solid.

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