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What about the quality management system in Casen?
Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD has a complete quality control system that has been carried out for many years. It focuses on raw material, semi-finished and finished products. Especially for finished products, their performance, service life, etc. are tested before shipment. We will continue to enhance quality control and reduce scrap rates.

With the huge advantages of large factories, Casen is in the leading position in modern doors field. The wooden door series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The design of Casen modern doors is the perfect combination of innovation and functionality. Casen wood door wins great popularity at home and abroad. Featuring good start capacity, it is instant on and less likely to keep flickering as the traditional bulbs do, thus, it can perform stably without flickering bother. The size, color of we wood door can be customized.

we will redouble our efforts in developing a long-lasting business foundation. Check now!
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