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Villa Romania


     This is an interesting story .Our factory have one sales names Sally .She know the client George for vacation when they all go to Beijing climb the Great Wall.George want to buy something and Sally translate for him .Then they are nice to talk with each other .The culture ,the habit ,the family.During their climbing ,sally introduce the history of the Great wall ,the history of the China for him,he thinks it is amazing .

    They talk about the work ,after he knows sally sell doors ,he is very happy .His villa is building ,he wants to buy the doors ,light ,furniture and etc from China .He says will come to Sally after the villa finish .

    Really ,he come to sally and take all the size of the doors ,it makes sally surprise when she receive the email and call .Everything goes well ,he buy the doors just like friends ,though the price he thinks a little higher ,but he can accept ,sally explains to him, we have cheaper price product ,but it is simple design can not match his test ,and everything he wants it is the higher level ,so the cost also higher .Finally he accept .Also give him the good quality is our purpose .

     After finish the order ,Sally arrange the time to take him to buy the other things ,the whole process he is happy .He promise to us he will introduce friends who need the doors to us.

     Thanks very much for his trust ,we will make better for client .

     The design as follow :

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