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Uniquely Poplar

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-26
Wood comes in so many different colors, it can be difficult to know what to pick. Even a single wood type can have an amazing array of color variations - how do you know what you want? The first step is to consider whether you want a hardwood or softwood. It may even be beneficial to speak to a professional who deals in flooring, doors, and other wood products for the home. This way you can tell him or her what your needs are and they can make recommendations. Are you simply going to redo a room that is in high use? How about a high traffic stairway? An interior door? Exterior door? The more knowledge everyone has, the narrower your choice may be. Poplar wood is great for all sorts of uses, which is why it is - no pun intended - popular. It's a hardwood that has an interesting range of color variations. The differences can actually be surprisingly drastic. One poplar might have a creamy-white wood, another may be closer to green. One might have a rich brown, and another may actually have more of a purplish tinge to it. As poplar, and other woods, are cut, like colors may be placed together in order to offer people a more even tone when they put down a floor or craft a door. This way you don't have to worry about such large differences in color on your floor if that isn't what you want. The wood itself is actually rather soft and light despite its classification as a hardwood. Ratings for shock resistance and strength are also rather low. Though poplar does have all those great colors possible, it is still very dense and because of these things, if you hope to stain poplar wood, you may want to think again. Poplar doesn't stain very well at all - not because the wood rejects the stain, but because it does not stain consistently. One area may become rather dark whereas another may not look much different. If this is a concern, speak to professionals about what you can expect from your poplar choice and any worries you may have. On the other hand, if you intend to finish off the wood with a painted coating, you're in for a much smoother ride. Poplar is a great choice for painting, so while you probably don't intend to paint your floor, should you be interested in a door instead you can paint to your heart's content.
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