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Knowing Your Way Around Garage Door Types

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-22
When you are contemplating changing your garage door, there are much more things to consider than the aesthetics of your chosen product. There are so many styles and types of garage door to choose from, and the cost of your new door will vary depending on what material you choose. If you are on a tight budget, a steel door is probably the best choice for your garage door. Steel is a very strong material for your garage door, and is also good quality. Just because you are choosing a material on a low budget does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. Steel doors can come as double shell insulated doors, this saving you a great deal on your fuel bills in winter. Although the double shell alternative may be more expensive at the outset, you will notice the difference when you receive your utility bills in the winter. Steel doors are normally produced in panels, although there is a new trend of carriage house style doors available in the market. This type however is slightly more expensive at the outset and not practical for those people that are on a very strict budget. Vinyl doors are also a great option when replacing your doors. Vinyl is very durable and practically maintenance free, and does not dent like a steel door. Like steel doors, vinyl doors may come with insulation panels, helping once again on your normal fuel bills. Vinyl is not as cheap as steel, but is still considerably more affordable than wood. Wooden doors ooze quality and elegance, but unfortunately they do not come cheap. If you want a really eye catching and aesthetically leasing door, then wood really is the option for you. You will have to be prepared to look after your wooden doors properly, and paint and stain them at regular intervals. Wooden doors are higher maintenance and can suffer from warping as well as rotting in very damp environments. Wooden doors can be made to order, and depending once again on your budget, you can invest in elaborate and ornate doors. When definitely choosing the material for your garage doors, the most important aspects that you have to remember are the maintenance that will be required as well as your budget. Although we all like the look of classic wooden garage doors, it is unfortunately not always the most practical solution, nor is it always possible within our budget.
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