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Russia Hotel

      This project from Moscow ,Russia in 2014 .

      This hotel is not big ,it owns to the man called Andrei ,he is 55 years ,he makes small projects before ,so he know much about the decoration.

       He choose the complicated design ,many flowers on the door .We suggest him some simple design in order to save money ,but he does not accept .In their mind simple is not their style ,they like Russian style ,he thinks even it is not a big project ,but must let the hotel comfortable like home .Then the client will come to the hotel again.So he keep the design he choose ,but the price is a little higher than the simple .We spend 3 hours to explain the details and why it is expensive . At last he agrees the price .We make the deal .

       He says before the shipment he must come here to choose the quality if no problem will give the balance ,if not good refused the goods and give the money back ,this request it is reasonable and we can understand ,we believe our quality will be good and accept it .We finish the doors 45 days ,then ask the client to come to check .

       Everything goes well ,the client is happy .

       After so me years in  2018 ,he comes to our factory again to buy some doors for another project .

       This is the business we want ,though many years later ,the client still remember us .

       Thanks for them.

       The design as follow :


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