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Go Back in Time With Old World Style Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-25
Revisit the old country by installing an old world style door into your home. Of course, the home itself should have a pinch of old world style in order for the concept to work, but when done right, the effect can be amazing. You may occasionally hear of the old world type of house being referred to as European style. The goal with these houses and doors is to reflect times gone past and to have an echo of ancient castles in their design elements - it's still a house, but it will put you in mind of those old fortresses. Many homes that like to mimic the concepts of old are large, multi-story houses. You may even see turret towers at the top. Most often they will include stucco and a great deal of stone, as well as showcase steep rooftops. The doors that match these types of homes can also work for houses that don't fully embrace old world styles, but do include enough elements that make the combination work. Doors often include arches that can either be soft or quite abrupt. The entire door may have an arched shape, or the design may simply be included in a traditional rectangular door. Those with an arched shape are much more recognizable from past times and can evoke a sense of delight for all who enter through it. Doors that blend traditional shapes with old world styles work very nicely with houses that take a little bit of the old and the new and blend them together for a house that sits comfortably in the present day. There are also various types of woods you can choose when shopping around for an old world style door. Some doors may also be much heavier than others due to thickness, depending upon just how old world you want to go. Thick oak doors and bold cherries are favorites, but you are in no way limited to just those two. Indeed, an old world door also does not mean that it must be made of solid wood. Many people enjoy the old world design with panels of glass that fill almost the entire door. Look around for the possibilities that are available with an old world door in order to find the one that will work perfectly for your home. Then you can finally have the stunning old world home that you've always wanted.
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