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Add an Elegant Touch to Your Home With Flush Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-24
Flush doors are exterior and interior doors, which are suitable for commercial as well as residential settings. These wooden doors feature plain facings on both the sides. These plain doors do not feature rails or panels. The wooden doors are associated with functionality rather than style. These doors are widely used in modern homes, where smooth surfaces and clean lines are desirable. These wooden gateways can dramatically change the look of the room. These gateways have become extremely popular because of their high durability and cost effectiveness. The surface of the flush doors is very smooth. These gateways are usually made from hollow or solid wood. Although these doors look simple and plain, they are constructed with the help of several advanced technologies. These gateways are usually constructed by using two parts of plywood. The plywood sections are attached to each side of the door frame. The plywood is usually covered with paint or given a superior finish. Once the construction is completed, the door is treated with a sealant. The sealant helps to prevent the door from getting stained or damaged. In case you are planning to install a sliding door in a passage, it is preferable to go for a flush door manufactured from solid core piece. Some of these doors are also constructed from metals. The metal flush doors are generally used in high security areas. Exterior flush metal doors are commonly installed in motels. The flush doors are known for their utility rather than their aesthetic appeal. Installing these simple doors will help you to shift the focus from the entryway to the room. It enables you to highlight the other elements present in the room, such as furniture, paintings or other decorative items. Although flush doors are known more for their functionality, this does not mean that they cannot add a touch of elegance to the room. A lot can be done to spruce them up and make them look attractive. Decorating these simple doors is not only very easy but also very affordable. These wooden gateways are like a blank canvas. You can give numerous artistic touches to a plain wooden door and transform it into a unique work of art. You can use paint, bold colors, stencils and brushes to make the door appear like a wall art. Paint the door to match the room decor and other elements present in the room. You may also add a bright and funky doorknob to the door to make it look more elegant.
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