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3 Main Types of Wooden Exterior Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-23
Wooden exterior doors offer a beautiful look to virtually any building, especially a family home. They are made of a rich traditional material that has been popular for decades. Wooden doors immediately offer a warm and inviting feel to an entrance, which is ideal for homes and shops and the best part about them is the fact that they can also be shaped or decorated in a variety of ways to perfectly match any d?锟絚or. Wooden exterior doors naturally have to be properly treated in order to last for decades but of course, that's what the professional woodworkers are for. When created by a professional, these types of doors certainly have many benefits that many people can only are wooden doors made to last, they also use far less energy to create than steel doors, offer excellent insulation from the cold and are a wonderful sound absorber. Depending on the facing of the door, whether it's North, South, East or West, don't forget about natural lighting since there are many styles that are perfect for letting natural light in or to block it entirely. If you would like to have the option of letting light in, consider smaller windows that can have various window treatments added. In order to choose the best wooden exterior doors for your home or storefront, consider the type of wood that you should use. If you would like a heavier solid door with a beautiful natural colour, choose strong wood like oak, cherry and maple. Finally, make sure to find the best shape to bring out the natural beauty and enhance your entrance way. Arch An arch doorway offers a beautiful semi-rounded top that feels much softer than the standard squared top yet still has a more structured look thank a completely round top door. Arch doors are also perfect for adding decorative touches to the sides and above that will add more visual interest along with a lovely framed look. One of the more popular choices for decoration is windows or varying sizes and styles. Whether you choose plain windows or stained glass, they will enhance the look and feel of the area. Round When it comes to round top exterior doors, you have the choice of one standard door size or a double door look. The beauty of round top wooden exterior doors is the fact that they are striking on their own and quite versatile for decorative options. This style is ideal for framing with windows or natural stones for a bolder look. Since they are not as common as standard square doors, they will add a unique look to your home. Square Most doors will be designed with a squared top; however they are far from boring. They are perfect for anyone wanting to change their current door, since they will require less work reshaping the doorway like an arch or rounded door would require and they are very easy to design according to individual needs. Square wooden exterior doors are perfect for decorative cut outs, windows inside or around the door, or framed by windows or bricks. When choosing a wooden exterior door, always consider the different needs you may have, such as strength, size, shape, decorative styles and even the colour. Each one of these elements will change the overall look of the door and the general feel of the surrounding area.
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