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Wooden Windows and Doors - The Stylish Option

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-12
Let's face it, you just can't beat the style and class that wooden windows and doors bring to a house renovation project or a new build. Plastic as a material just can't compete when it comes to adding that special extra ingredient. Over recent years UPVC plastic has become popular as the choice material for a home's doors and windows, but more recently home owners are realising the huge benefits both to the environment and aesthetically offered by wood as the material of choice. It's amazing nowadays how many homes are choosing to incorporate bi-folding hardwood doors that are able to completely open up the exterior of the house, leading to the outdoor space. This just does not work using plastic as a material. Hardwood windows can of course be constructed to any style imaginable to fit perfectly with the look of your home and also benefit from the many modern day materials and construction techniques. Superior thermal performance can be achieved as a result of incorporating Pilkington K low 'E' glass which would be argon gas filled, sealed units. Modern day wooden windows are also double glazed to current building regulations. These contemporary materials are balanced with the use of some original materials and techniques. For example, traditional glazing bars, original putty style glazing beads and also traditional lead counterbalance weights and pulleys are all used, in keeping with traditional versions. There is a flexibility in the type of finish possible when using wood as a material. Stains, varnish and paint of various colours are all possible and this of course gives huge flexibility and benefits when tying in a style and look throughout a house. In many examples the painting process utilises a low maintenance but high-quality factory applied microporous paint system. As a result of the type of finishes available, the lifetime of these products is extremely encouraging, assuming basic maintenance is carried out over the years. Security is not a concern as quality examples would be fitted with toughened safety glass, high security 'Bramah' adjustable locks and traditional wedge style fitch fasteners. Some plastic versions are incredibly flimsy both in their construction and also the way in which they are installed into a house. It doesn't matter whether your home is an Edwardian or Victorian style home in need of historically correct replacement windows, or a modern contemporary home requiring bespoke features, of wooden windows and doors will without doubt add style and class by the bucket load. Before taking the plunge and making the commitment to use plastic, consider obtaining a quote from a professional local company using the wooden alternative. You may be pleased you did.
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