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Tips for Replacing Windows and Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-01
The benefit of replacing outdated windows and doors in your home is far more than an aesthetic upgrade; the savings you will reap by improving your homes energy efficiency and lowering your monthly energy bills will only add to the pride you feel as a homeowner. Luckily, when choosing new windows and doors, you can be both practical and stylish by choosing products that are cost effect, energy efficient and beautiful! There are many different styles to choose from when replacing your outdated doors. Exterior doors for your front entrance are most commonly made from wood or steel and different styles can be customized to represent your personal design scheme. Steel exterior doors can be custom fit with feature windows that can allow for as much or as little sun exposure as you would like. These windows can have custom grilles placed between two panes of glass and enhance your homes' exterior design style by adding a traditional or modern appeal. Antique door knockers, plaquettes and handles can be added to steel doors to enhance their glory. Entrance doors made of steel are also designed to be extremely energy efficient, reducing heat loss and air transfer that often escapes along the seams where a door is installed. Exterior wood doors offer a chic and timeless look to any home entry way and are renowned for their quality and traditional style, as well as their energy efficient qualities. Wood doors add a hearty, natural appearance to your home and can be made from a wide variety of wood species. Depending on the style of our home, you can choose a richly stained mahogany door to add masculine character, or a lightly stained oak door for a traditional and established look. Wood doors aid in insulating your home and maintain their quality if protected and placed in a recessed entryway, or under a sheltered covered porch. Patio doors are a fabulous addition to any living or family room, allowing exquisite natural light to stream into your home. Patio doors offer beautiful sight lines from your living space to your back yard and property and are available in several different styles. Sliding patio doors are defined by two full panes of glass. The front pane slides on a track alongside the back pane to open and allow the outdoors, in. Sliding patio doors are great in cramped areas, where there is minimal room for a door to swing open. French doors have different characteristics than sliding doors, in that the two panes of glass open in towards your living space to allow both light and a soft breeze to envelope your home. French doors, unlike sliding doors, allow you to open both sides at once. Accordion style patio doors represent a combination of the previous two styles, in that they open in towards your living space, and collapse upon themselves as they slide open. When replacing outdated windows and doors in your home, there is no need to choose between style and function - you can have both!
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