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The Soft Look of Douglas Wood

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-28
What kind of look do you want for your doors or flooring? There are so many possibilities that at first you may feel overwhelmed. It's important that you take your time and consider the woods that interest you the most. The first way to narrow things down is to choose the general coloring that you would like your door, floor, or wooden accents to have. Another thing to take into account is that one wood may not be the same color all the time. Woods can vary even within their own type. Each type also has different properties that can make it an excellent choice for well-traveled halls or front doors as opposed to other areas or objects. One of the best ways to learn more is to speak with a professional who knows all about wood and how it can be strengthened or treated to help give you the look you want and the results you're looking for. Wood from the Douglas Fir tree is a softwood that has a grain that is typically straight or with some waves. You may see Douglas wood as a rich, creamy color with red tints, but the colors can vary depending on many factors. Some Douglas heartwood may appear yellowish to orange-red, while the sapwood may look white to reddish-white. One of the great things about Douglas Fir wood is that it doesn't usually have a lot of knots - if any. The wood texture itself may still be medium or fairly coarse though. But good care and a few coats of the right finish can really make this wood shine and feel warm and welcoming. Douglas Fir wood tends to have a moderate shock resistance with a high stiffness. It can be a bit brittle and is also susceptible to splitting, which is why proper care is needed. This is something that is true for all wood flooring or doors, though. It's a popular wood choice for all the reasons mentioned, which is why you'll likely find it as an option from almost any vendor who deals in flooring, stair parts, doors, and other wood-related housing projects. Check out different looks that Douglas Fir wood can offer you and see which you like best. Many professionals will know where to look in order to get you exactly what you want. Afterwards, you can stand back and bask in the charming, lovely glow of your new hardwood floor, or the excellent gateway of a new door.
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