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The Possibilities of Wood Species

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-01
Wood is an excellent source of material because it is a 100% renewable resource. People have loved wood for centuries. It's thermally efficient, cost effective, and can look absolutely fantastic. Wood gives us a sense of comfort and can give a location a very homey feel when wood doors and accents are included. You can find all sorts of wood species that can be used for doors, flooring, and more. Each of them has a very distinct coloring and can be available in different ways. Smoother woods can have a 'select' grade with few to no knots, or be full of 'character' with all sorts of unique knots. The knottiness of the wood can really give it an amazing look, just as smoother woods can offer a great experience. Special cuts can also provide various styles that can really catch a person's eye. But what wood species do you choose from? Here are a few you may want to take an extra look at, but remember that there are many more out there! Alder is a softer hardwood that has a Cherry-like grain pattern. You may see it with a honey color, but it can also be light tan or even reddish-brown. It also is very receptive to stains and finishes. Cherry is a popular hardwood for its satiny texture and rich color. The heartwood colors can contrast sharply to the sapwood. It changes over time as it is sensitive to sunlight and can eventually darken in hue for an aged look. Hickory is a dense hardwood that has contrasting heartwood and sapwood colors. Tan or reddish heartwoods go against the white sapwood that can make for some stunning results. While it is difficult to stain, it does have a high shock resistance. African Mahogany is a hardwood that can have a rather coarse texture. But the creamy white coloring of the sapwood makes for a stark contrast to the red-brown heartwood. The heartwood may also have a purplish cast to it. It's a stable wood with a straight grain. Spanish Cedar is a softwood that is sought-after due to its ability to resist rot and insects. This is what makes it great for exterior doors. It also has a wide variety of colors, from red-brown to a light pink. There are many more wood types out there, and this is but a sampling of what they have to offer. Take the time to see what they can do for you and your home.
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