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The Elegance of Pediment Mouldings

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-03
Mouldings can do a lot to enhance and beautify a home. They add a kind of elegance that other home elements simply cannot match. They can come in a variety of forms, such as base moulding, case moulding, and crown moulding. You may have heard of moulding by its other popular term, trim. Every moulding type has something different to offer and can change a room in diverse ways depending upon the type you choose to get. Pediment moulding is a stunning addition, but you should make sure it will work for your rooms and your home in general before looking into it. They can be very grand and may not work for every house. But if you truly love it and what it has to offer, by all means work it into your home. You'll find excellent examples of original pediment architectural designs in ancient Greek buildings and structures. If you have ever seen the Parthenon, then you've seen the triangular section at the top of the structure where sculptures are set inside of the pediment area. Since then, pediment designs have been scaled down to be placed inside homes as elegant moulding options. You can find segmental pediment designs where the top is not at an angle, but instead broken up into such shapes as an open, depressed arch. Do a quick search online for pediment moulding and you'll find a lot of amazing examples. Pediment moulding can be placed in a wide range of locations, although you'll find it is primarily a case moulding option. Most of the time, pediment moulding can be seen over doors and occasionally over windows. It can really make a doorway pop or draw the eye to windows. These mouldings can be very extravagant, or you can get simplified versions. People ready to spend the extra money will imitate ancient Greece and place additional sculptures or carvings within the pediment moulding area. Some will take the segmented route and create elaborate versions of it. But if you just want something that looks great in your home, a basic pediment moulding can give you just that with a simple triangular design or segmented design. Talk to a professional about the different types of moulding available and what might work best in your home. Having additional professional insight can really help you to make a final choice that you feel confident about when it comes to pediment moulding.
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