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The Benefits of Wood Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-02
Wood doors can be a little on the expensive side, but their beauty and benefits can be well worth the cost when you get the right door. Many doors can be solid wood, painted, or have glass windows set into them. There are plenty of options to choose from, and there are also a lot of benefits that you can gain from obtaining a fresh, new door. While some people may claim that wooden doors require more maintenance, doors these days are treated so well that there is very little you will need to do in order to keep them in top shape. Factory finishes are extremely durable, and today's paints are also very strong. If you do encounter a chip or a scratch, all you need to do is give it a quick touch-up and it's as good as new. Wood doors don't have quite the same abilities to insulate the way some other doors do, such as fiberglass, but that doesn't mean they are poor at insulation. There are millions of tiny air pockets in the wood that can help to block out heat loss during cold winter months and vice versa in summer. In addition, if your old door isn't doing its job, a brand new door that fits snugly in its frame will make all the difference in energy efficiency. There are some wood doors that come unfinished. You can do almost anything with these kinds of doors. You can stain them, paint them, and embellish them however you like. But make sure not to go cheap. This door won't have anything on it to keep it safe from the elements, so you'll need to make sure to get high quality stain or paint. It also doesn't take a lot of either to cover a door, so you won't need to buy a great deal of them. Some of the best wood doors are solid hardwood. They're strong, durable, and are better at insulation. But you can also buy doors that have a wooden exterior and a foam insulation core. It's not as heavy or strong as solid hardwood, but it will be less expensive and more energy efficient. Consider all the things you want from your door and then you will be better able to make your final decision. There are all sorts of excellent attributes you can get from a wood door, from the looks to the strength, but there are also plenty of different styles you can buy, so budget accordingly so you can get the exact wood door you want.
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