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Swing Effortlessly With the Right Hinge Types

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-22
You can't have a finished door without the right hinges. Though people don't typically think of hinges, without them a door isn't much use. The hinges allow it to swing inward or swing outward depending upon how you want your door to open. Hinges come in many different colors and finishes to help match your door and your home. They also come in different sizes in order to be able to accommodate whatever door you have and support its weight. You need the right hinges to get the job done; otherwise, your door is nothing more than a piece of wood and glass. You will find that pre-hung doors come with hinges already installed on them. All you have to do then is simply install the door into your home. But if you aren't interested in a pre-hung door and want to make all the choices about your door yourself, that's fine. Each door has a lot of different aspects that can be put into it. How many panels do you want? What type of wood do you want it to be made of? Do you want to include glass? If so, how many panels? What kind of hardware do you want to use with your door? What size hinges do you need? What color do you want them to be? You'll find that locations that sell doors also sell a variety of knobs, locks, and, of course, hinges that can be installed in a door for a customized design that works perfectly for your home. You can either decide upon the door and then choose your hinges later, or you can decide everything then and there. Hinges come in different finishes and colors, allowing you to customize your door however you like. You may find such finishes as: Flat black Dull brass Bright brass Antique brass Satin nickel Antique nickel Rubbed bronze Dull chrome Bright chrome If you don't see a hinge that speaks to you, talk to the professionals that are creating your door and see if they offer custom ordering. Many places will be more than happy to custom order hinges for you and work with such providers as Rocky Mountain Hardware or Hager to get you the hinges you want. Once you have your door and the right hinges, you'll be ready to install and have a door that swings open and shut with ease every time.
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