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Quarter-Sawn White Oak for Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-02
You might not realize it, but there are a lot of different ways a piece of wood can be crafted and cut in order to bring out its natural beauty. Quarter-sawn white oak is sawed at a very specific angle in order to create a unique grain pattern on the face of the board. This can be done with other wood species as well, but it is quite striking when done with white oak. Oak has always been a prized wood due to its color and durability. You can find oak wood just about anywhere, from being crafted into barrels for aging wine to furniture you sit on. Oak doors are strong and look stunning in any doorway. When they are quarter-sawn, they are given an additional handful of benefits as doors. When lumber is quarter-sawn, it becomes more stable. This is because when temperature and humidity fluctuate, the expansion and contraction of the wood is much less. The expansion and contraction happens across the face of the board, but when it is quarter-sawn, this movement is more limited. This helps to keep the wood from warping and means much less maintenance over time. White and red oak are particularly popular candidates for quarter-sawing because the results are so beautiful. The grain pattern seen in the results gives it a great look, which is why these doors have been so popular for so long. As with most wood doors, you will want some staining or some kind of natural finish to the door in order to give it some added protection against the elements. You always have the option to paint the door as well, but this would defeat the purpose of showing off the wood in its natural state. For those seeking out rustic doors and natural looks, quarter-sawn white oak for doors is a perfect choice. It works well in rustic settings and stone homes for a one-with-nature look. Take some time to look at the various oak doors available in this type. You may decide to choose one that has already been given a coating of stain or finish, or you may want to buy a natural door and then do the work yourself. It is up to you. Finding the right door is what is most important, and once you have it installed in your home, step back and admire its beauty and all that it adds to your home.
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