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Never Paint a Door Again

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-15
Nobody ever really wants to spend the last days of summer hurriedly painting or varnishing their doors, and yet so many of us still do that, and we really do not have to. If you have one of the older wooden panel style doors still fitted to the front or back of your house, or if you still have wooden window frames and window sills, you are likely to have to give them both another coat of varnish each and every year to make sure that they stay waterproof and weather resistant over the coming winter, or else you may have problems with water getting inside and ruining your walls and carpets. It is not as easy as it sounds to paint a door either; if you are trying to do a really good job of it you may have to spend time removing the previous coat of paint or varnish, and worse still, when applying the next lot you are likely to need more than one coat to make sure it is up to standard. This means that you will actually have to give up a couple of days of your time (since you will have to wait for the first coat to dry), and it is probably going to have to be over the last few days of good weather in the summer so as to make sure it lasts the entire winter. The good news for many homeowners is that there is an alternative that makes this waste of time something that can be consigned to the history books. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, UPVC composite doors and window frames are now more readily available than ever, meaning that almost anyone can afford to get them fitted to their homes. Not only do they remain waterproof without any effort whatsoever on your part; they also stay looking good for the entire life spans of your doors and windows. You are free to choose from a number of designs and colours too, which means that wherever your home is, and whatever your style both inside and out, there are composite doors and window frames to suit it - and the great thing about them is that you will never have to paint them to make sure they still suit your home in ten years' time, when you would probably be considering replacements for your wooden doors.
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