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Make for the Quiet Life With a Composite Door

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-12
If you own your house then chances are you'll be conscious of making it the nicest possible place to live and also the safest and it's the little things that can make a big difference to both of those. From double glazing to hedging and security lighting, whatever you think the answer is, read on to find out how to make for a quiet life. It's all about the front door, the first and most obvious point of access to any home and one of the first places an opportunist burglar or doorstep thief will try so why is that people don't seem to know about front doors or care about their misgivings and benefits? Probably because when we move into a house we only want to know that the doors and windows lock and not whether or not they've got weak points or are going to need a lot of maintenance in the future. This is unbelievable really when you stop to think about it and it's time people knew the truth about UPVC doors and wooden doors. The panels of UPVC doors are weak and while the locking systems were revolutionary when they first came out, they leave a lot to be desired these days. They are easily broken and damaged and they tend to be limited in terms of colour and style. Wooden doors look great in the right setting and can be painted and varnished in any colour under the sun but they also tend to be fairly weak largely due to the fact that they have a maximum of three locks, meaning there are various weak points from top to bottom. The other thing about a wooden front door is that you will need to maintain it on a fairly regular basis, probably once every two years as a minimum. This will mean stripping it down, sanding it and repainting it with a couple of coats and who can really be bothered with that when the sun comes out and the barbeques are being fired up? Instead, invest in a composite door and you'll be keeping the burglars out, the noise out and the cold out all at the same time. Composite front doors require no maintenance and the glass reinforced plastic coating means they're virtually impossible to scratch or dent and stay looking as good as new for years and years, just give them a wipe down every now and again to keep them at their best.
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