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how to remove polyurethane from wood doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-03-06
When you remodel or redecorate your home,
The expensive option to replace the old door is to repair the current door or renovate the old one that catches your eye.
Polyurethane is usually applied to the wood after dyeing to protect the surface from damage, in order to repair the door, you must first remove the polyurethane coating.
Although you can remove the polyurethane from the door when the polyurethane is suspended in place, if you remove the door from the hinge before patching, you will find that the process will be simpler.
Prepare your work area.
Lay a drop of cloth on the ground and place two saws on the cloth to form the support of the door.
Place the door at the top of the sawhorses, with one under each end of the door.
If working indoors, open the window and open the fan for ventilation.
Remove all hardware from the wooden door using a screwdriver.
The knob, locking mechanism and hinge must be removed.
Wear rubber gloves
According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, apply a chemical stripping device on the top and side of the door.
Apply a thick coat and let it stay on the label for a while.
Scrape off the stripping device with an putty knife and test the progress of the stripping device.
It should be easy to scrape onto the wood and remove the peel and polyurethane with little effort.
Please set aside more time if necessary, but don\'t let the stripper dry completely.
Scrape away polyurethane as much as possible with putty knife.
Take your time so you don\'t cut the wood with the edge of the wood.
Dip the steel wool into the stripper and use it to remove the stubborn area and enter the cracks and details on the wooden door.
Turn the door over.
Apply and remove the stripper in the same way as the first side.
As directed by the strip manufacturer, clean the strip girl from all sides of the wooden door.
Some of the chemical paint remover is removed with water, while others require a paint remover or grease.
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