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How to Enhance Your Home Security and Protect

by:Casen Doors     2020-09-12
Part of the knowing your way around good home security is knowing how the mind of a burglar works. Of course, we all know that the first lesson thieves teach themselves is: don't get caught. Therefore, as smart homeowners, what we need to do is find ways to make it easier for them to get caught. Burglars avoid capture by avoiding detection in the first place, so it follows that you should find ways to easily detect them, if ever they happen to come across your territory.
Although a lot of robbery occurs in broad daylight, night time still provides a good cover for many would-be intruders out there. Thus, you have to fix your lighting, both indoors and outdoors to deal with this possible threat. Doing this is not just about shedding some light on your home area so you can easily spot somebody who is attempting to break in. It's also about trying to minimizing the appearance of vacancy in your home. Robbers are particularly good at monitoring homes which stay vacant most of the time, since they have better chances at getting away with whatever they do.
Proper home security involves establishing a routine and sticking with it. Use a timer to set the lights on and off at certain times during both morning and evening, especially when you're not around. If you do, possible burglars will have difficulty trying to decide whether you're not around or if you're just spending some overtime hours at work.
When it comes to the outdoors, visibility should be your main concern. The immediate area surrounding your house serves as your first line of defense. Yard lights are good while solar lights are not much help with security matters. You can opt to place 120-volt lights or better at significant points such as entries and pathways. Possible hiding spots like a cluster of bushes or a huge tree should also be well-lit. If you want to save on energy or the electricity bill, you can hook up these kinds of lights to motion detectors so that they only work whenever they are needed to.
If, however, the burglar manages to reach your front door without being detected, you still have one last shot at preventing him from the entering the house. This means installing precautions at the point of entry: the door, or the windows. For home security, windows should have locks and burglar-proof glass is a good investment, even though it might seem costly when you buy it.
Door locks are particularly more complex. Thieves have two major ways on entering through doors: kicking it open or disabling the lock. You should choose your equipment carefully to make sure that both possibilities can be addressed. First, the door must be made of either solid wood or metal, so it holds. Next, make sure your strike plate is the heavy duty kind, secured by thick, preferably 3-inch screws. Lastly, the lock should be a deadbolt or a knob-in kind of lock with a dead latch. This is to prevent burglars from using the 'loiding' method, which is when they slip a plastic credit card under the latch tongue of the door to depress it. Make sure that there isn't enough space between the door and its frame to accommodate a hacksaw or other power tools-otherwise, your deadbolt will not serve its purpose.
Home security simply deals with finding out weaknesses in your home and correcting them. If you find it hard to memorize all of these, you can try 'burglarizing' your home. You might be surprised to find certain weaknesses, and then you can act from there.

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