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How to Choose the Correct Material for Your Garage Door

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-23
When the inevitable moment arrives that you have to replace your old and worn garage doors, then there are a few things that you really need to take into consideration, such as the chosen material for your door. If you want to be happy with your purchase, then take some time to decide on the material that you will use for your garage doors, as once they are in place you cannot change them like you can a dress you buy. There are four main types of material from which garage doors are made, those being traditional wood, fiber glass, aluminum and steel. Steel doors are a great choice if you are looking for a durable door on a lower budget, they need very little maintenance when compared to wood, and will resist bad weather. Steel however is more practical rather than beautiful, a beautiful garage door almost always being made from traditional wood. Steel doors also last longer than wooden doors, do not warp or rot, and can be bought with a double sheet with insulation in the middle. Insulated steel doors are a really good choice if you live in harsh climates and need to keep your vehicle well protected as well as your home warm. Fiberglass is not really a very popular material for doors, although it does have its plus points. It is not durable like steel and fades easily as well as cracks; the real advantage of fiberglass as a material for your garage door is when you live in a coastal area, as fiberglass is not affected by salt water and will not corrode under severe weather conditions. Fiberglass doors can be supplied in a variety of colors and are relatively cheap, making them a good idea if you live in a coastal region and have a lower budget. If you want a low budget choice with a similar look to steel doors, you could try an aluminum door. They are cheap but not as durable as steel doors and can dent easily, making them unsuitable for the work place. If you are looking for a light weight door and you have a tight budget, aluminum is a great choice for you. Lastly is the all important and traditional material of wood for your garage door. Wooden doors are stylish and elegant, and would probably be anyone's choice if they had an unlimited budget. Wood doors are strong and safe but unfortunately they are expensive and high maintenance.
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