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Going Southwestern With Mission Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-04
Looking for a new kind of door for your home? There are certainly a lot of choices out there for you. If you live or have visited some of the southwestern parts of the country, you may have seen a particular door style that speaks to you. This is the mission door. You may have also noticed that these doors are typically associated with a specific type of home known as the Mission style home. These homes are also known as Southwestern, Mission Revival, or Adobe. These types of homes usually include things such as stucco siding, tile roofs, and large square pillars. Simpler homes may go without pillars or other such elements, but may include yet other characteristics like arched dormers or even roof parapets. If you are thinking of home architecture typical of early settlers of the southwest such as in California or New Mexico, then you are on the right track. In fact, many homes still retain a lot of that original design. Some even resemble mission churches and include things like bell towers and arched windows and, of course, doors. But you don't have to have this type of home in order to install a mission style door. If you can see a mission door matching your home, then by all means have one installed. Mission doors come in many shapes and designs. Though they retain the old style, that doesn't mean they can't be altered to blend in today's architecture with the older style. Consider how many panels you want, what kind of wood you want the door to be made of, whether or not you would like windows. All of these can be taken into consideration when you craft your own door. The makers of your mission style door can give you a typical rectangular design or you can request an arched look as many mission doors tend to have. The door can be 100 percent wood or you can have the majority of it include windows, either as a single panel or broken up into a multitude of panels for an inspired design. If you're considering a mission door, why not take the time to look at some examples online? Today you can see more doors than ever with a simple online search and perhaps get a few extra ideas from what you see. Mission doors are one of the things from the past that have made it into the present due to their style, appeal, and architectural beauty.
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