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Garage Doors - Wood Versus Steel

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-22
When you make the choice to replace your existing garage doors, then it is a decision you should make with a lot of care, as your garage door is a large part of your home and can even affect the value of your property. Your garage door is visible to your neighbors as well as all passers by and will leave a lasting impression. Garage doors come in many varying designs, but also different materials. The two most common materials for garage doors are those of wood and steel. Wood is the most common and traditional material for your doors, but nowadays, a lot of people are choosing steel as an alternative. If what you are after is a classical look, then without a doubt, you need to opt for wooden doors. Wood is classy and strong, as well as blending in excellently with your property. You can paint wood any color you choose in order for them to blend in with your home, and you can even add windows or panelling for a really classy touch. Wooden doors are strong and solid, making them a safe option for your home, but unfortunately not the cheapest. Wood doors are expensive, and depending on the size and exact design, you can pay thousands of dollars for your doors, if you cannot afford this budget, then steel could be the answer. The price of wooden doors can of course be kept down to a minimum by not including intricate designs, but yet again, wooden doors need regular treating against the elements to prevent them from rotting. Badly maintained wooden doors will need replacing due to rotting and warping, and you therefore need to think more carefully about your budget as well as the time you will have to maintain these doors before you buy them. Steel doors may not be as attractive as wooden doors, but they need little maintenance and are cheap. They are easy to install and come with a long guarantee, making them the practical solution for your garage doors. Steel doors really do not need looking after, apart from the lubrication of the moving parts, and if you are not bothered about the look of your door, then steel really is a great choice. What it therefore boils down to is whether you want a good looking door for your garage or an easy to care for and practical door. For sure, if you have an unlimited budget and time, you would choose elegant wood, but with today's hectic life styles as well as the recession hitting hard, this dream may not always become a reality.
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