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Garage Door Insulation or Seals

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-24
When you have a wooden garage door installed in your home then, there are certain things which you need to do in order to protect these doors. Wood is not one of the reliable materials and it needs lots of extra care to stay in shape. Especially if you live in an area where weather conditions are little uncertain, these doors can show the signs of wear and tear very soon. There are different methods to protect them from these harsh weather conditions. One of them is insulation of garage doors. Insulation is being implemented from long times and it is a very effective method to increase the life of wooden door but to insulate wood, you will always need a high R valued insulator which will cost you a lot and ultimately will increase the cost of door. There are two kinds of insulation materials available in the market. One is with low R value which is pretty weak in insulation properties but it is mostly used for insulation of metals while metals already have some natural resistance. This material work for metals perfectly and especially metals like steel and vinyl. On the other hand there is material which is of high R value and it is a very good insulator and mostly used for wood insulation. Is price is really high but its insulation properties are unmatched. Wood is already an expensive material and with such an expensive insulation, the price becomes almost unaffordable for common man. There is an easy and very economical solution of this problem which is to install metallic seals on wooden doors for winter season. This is a relatively new concept but it is working very fine on a large scale. Metals like steel and vinyl are very good insulator and if you install seals of these metals on the edges of wooden door then, they will not only increase the life of your wooden door but they will also look very good on the door. They are very cost effective and you will not face any problems in installing them. So if you are looking for an economical insulation then, these metal seals are perfect for you. I have another very best suggestion for you and that is to install a composite garage door. This is a new type of garage door which is made with the combination of two materials which are mostly wood and steel or wood and vinyl. These new kinds of doors do not need any extra insulation and they are very cost effective with almost zero maintenance cost. These are not only cost effective but they are also very elegant in their looks. Installing extra seals on wooden doors will have the problem of matching while in these doors everything is matched and harmonized with the design perfectly. You do not have to compromise your aesthetic sense and you will get a reliable and long lasting garage door within your specified budget. These are the options which can increase the average life of your garage door.
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