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Entry doors are major structural elements in the home

by:Casen Doors     2020-06-10
In choosing your entry doors for your residence, Doors Houston offers three types of materials for you to select from. These materials can include wood, fiberglass and steel. Understanding the strengths of each type of material according to Doors Houston is essential so that you can choose the perfect main door unit for your home. Wood doors are naturally beautiful and very elegant to look at. They render a traditional style into the home. These doors look lovely and they are exceedingly inviting because of the gorgeous frame and panel construction that they posses. Because of the classic look that they own, they are ideal for homes with the historic or traditional American style. They best complement the look of houses with the Cottage, Craftsman, Colonial, Victorian and Ranch styles. Many homeowners prefer wood doors because their substantial weight gives a formidable sense of security into the dwelling. Door units made of wood can come with or without glass and all sides of it must be painted for a durable finish. Steel entry doors are another choice and these types are sought after for their remarkable strength. Their durable construction allows them to withstand years of outdoor exposure to inclement weather. Compared to wood and fiberglass, this material proves stronger and this doesn't only afford extreme longevity but enhanced security as well. Being a metal substance, you need not be concerned with this structure undergoing warping, shrinking or swelling for it is fully weather-stripped. This weather-stripping plus foam insulation makes the steel entry doors become very energy-efficient. Style-wise, they can be coated with paint to mimic the appearance of real wood. Lastly, there are the fiberglass entry doors. These doors, like steel units, are energy efficient with their clever weather-stripping and foam insulation, as well. These doors can also be durable and easy to maintain. They can resist dents, warping and cracking which can be perfect for high-traffic entry ways. Although pretty much similar to steel entry doors, the fiber glass has a bit of an edge because over time steel doors will be dented and rusted while your fiberglass door remain pristine.
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