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Enhance Your Home With Brick Mouldings

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-26
Initially, the term 'brick moulding' will probably bring to mind images of moulding carved out of brick. However, this is far from the truth of what brick moulding actually is. Brick moulding is, in fact, not brick at all. Instead, this moulding is simply a strip of material that is used to fill in gaps. These gaps are typically located between brick walls and either door or window frames. On brick homes, it may not always be possible to have all elements match up perfectly, which is where it can come into the picture. Not only does it perform an important function, but it can also add a nice look to your home as well. Traditionally this type of moulding is made using a strong hardwood. This is because hardwoods are more resistant to things such as rot and moisture. A good hardwood brick moulding can mean as long as 50 years of use before needing to be replaced. It is possible for the moulding to be made from softwood, and this is becoming the norm in some cases. However, this means it is more susceptible to the things that hardwood resists, meaning you may have to replace it much sooner. Other locations have decided to skip wood altogether and instead will use plastic brick moulding. This option can be a bit more costly than wood mouldings, but it also has a longer life than softwood. It can have the same service life of hardwood and is typically made of strong plastic such as PVC. No matter what type of moulding is used on your home, it needs to be given the proper care before, during, and after installation to ensure the longest service life possible. Brick moulding always needs to be installed properly to both function well and look good on the house. Caulking is also an important step that should be given the time and effort needed to help seal out moisture and ensure a solid grip. You don't want any water or moisture to seep behind the moulding and cause damage to the house. Prime and paint moulding if necessary (some may be available pre-primed and/or painted depending upon your vendor) and give it yearly inspections to make sure it doesn't need any additional coats of paint or caulking. Brick moulding can easily add to the appeal of your home as well as help give your door or windows that flush look against your brick home. Choose the design and makeup you want most and see just how well it works for your house.
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