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Eco Friendly Fiberglass Doors to Suite Your Style

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-21
Having your own home and also ensuring to have an attractive and welcoming entrance is every individual's attempt to do so. An attractive door entry not only beckons you to come home soon from work but also makes it look very impressive thus increasing the overall market price of your house just in case you plan to sell it. Having a bold, attractive and spacious front door gives the frontal part of your most loved home an attractive outline. Are you in the middle of your house construction and still not able to decide on the type of doorways you'd like to have for your front door or planning to replace your old front door to give it a new look, then you definitely should look at the option of having fiberglass doors for your beloved home today. You could be asking me as to why you should go for a fiberglass doors? Well, there are many factors that have convinced me to go in for one and I'm definitely sure that you would also be convinced to follow suit. The first look at the fiberglass door makes you mistake it for a wooden one. It looks so good that anyone could mistake it for a proper heavy looking wooden doors looking very bold and royal. Today's technology has grown so advanced that this fiberglass door standing right in front of you is not a wooden doors at all but one made completely from fiberglass which gives you the beauty, warmth, and artisanal characteristics of wood with the benefits of fiberglass. The fiberglass door of today have a patents-pending finishing system which applies beautifully colored stains and protective crystal clear Ultraviolet finish coats to make your door look beautiful. There are plenty of color options to choose from like cherry, mahogany, oak, fir, antique cherry, rustic white oak, cottage fir, etc. In order to get this natural wood like finish the fiberglass undergoes a 10-step finish process which is combined with multiple coats of stains and ultraviolet top coats with inhibitors to give it an original wood like look. The manufacturers have gone a step further by designing a special antique patina, natural knot patterns and bur marks, rustic looks, indentions, worm holes, etc giving it an authentic artesian finish. It is then topped with a natural and authentic wood grain and color finish which has been designed to last. Last but not the least, we as responsible individuals need to protect our forests and natural resources from extinction. The introduction of doors made of fiberglass and the increase in demand for the same will definitely help reduce deforestation. It is not just going green but also carrying the characteristics of wood with the benefits of fiberglass without the required maintenance for a regular wooden door. So while considering the thought of having a beautiful doorway these doors are definitely a beautiful choice and where one should definitely indulge in.
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