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Door Care and Handling

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-16
While wood has been the one go-to material for hundreds of years when it comes to doors, that doesn't mean it is indestructible, nor does it mean that once installed, you don't have to give it any additional attention or maintenance. Rather, when you first obtain your door you should examine it to make sure it is what you want and that it is properly protected. Likewise, long after your door is installed, you should give it proper care in order to ensure it will remain with you for a long time. Wood already contains some moisture and will react in various ways depending upon the moisture levels in the environment around it. Your goal is to make sure that these levels don't go to extremes and that your door is as protected as it can be against changes in levels so that warping or other damage doesn't occur. Should a door be unprotected and soak in too much moisture, it will expand, just as if there is too little moisture in the air, the door will shrink. Both of these extremes can do damage to your door and possibly even the area around it. This can include areas such as hinges and door jambs. Doors are best when they are treated the right way from the beginning. The wood must be cared for in a stable environment and then should be finished. This may be done at the factory where the doors are made, but if they are not then you need to finish them on every single side for an even coat of protection. Speak to the door vendor about whether or not doors are available finished or unfinished. It is important to maintain an even moisture level inside your home for doors that are inside so they don't expand or contract. Constant expansion or contraction can lead to doors cracking, splitting, delamination, warping, and even door failure. Humidity inside your home should remain at a range of 40-50%. Keep in mind that seasonal changes can also play a part in how a door fares. This is especially true for front doors. These need to have a good deal of protection if the door is constantly exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, and direct sunlight. If, when considering a door, you realize that it will be in a lot of these conditions and deal with extremes throughout its lifetime, it may be best to consider alternatives to a wood door or consider including a storm door to act as a barrier between the outside and the front door.
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