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by:Casen Doors     2020-09-06
Exterior doors must be made of a material that is tough enough to withstand wind, water, sun scorching and intruders out to swindle your property. Sadly, most exterior doors, especially wooden ones find this lighting the damaging effects of such elements as a tall order. Wood veneer tends to crack or delaminate after being exposed to the elements. Their metal counterparts on the other hand are not everlasting and start peeling off after a just a few years.
If your door has already fallen victim to damage and it lacks aesthetic appeal, try repainting it altogether. Painting this kind of door is very rewarding in the end. There is nothing as amazing as coming back home to find your eye captivated towards a glistening front door ushering you into your cool haven. This article is an exclusive guide with expert tips for painting your entry door.
Consider your exteriors
The greatest mistake you can ever make in an effort to make your home more elegant is painting your main door with an offbeat color that estranges your house and makes it look out of place in comparison to other house in your neighborhood. Walk around your neighborhood and get a general idea of what color would look best in that particular environment.
Pay particular attention to house with in a similar design style and color as yours. The vitality of choosing a color that blends in well with colors present in your exteriors need to be emphasized. It is advisable that you paint the door and shutters and any other exterior features in different colors. For instance, if your outdoor area is in sage green and has a white trim, consider painting the shutters in a darker green tone and use solid cranberry on the on the door.
The style of your house
If your home is traditionally styled, consider painting the main door in a deep color like forest green, navy blue, deep red or black. To bring a classic detailed look to the door, incorporate traditional hardware including a traditional knocker, hefty doorknobs as well as a kick plate. A contemporary home that has many glass features can really work well with an unusually colored main door.
Foolproof color combos
There are a couple of colors which are almost foolproof. Some of the best light colors include tan, certain ranges of white, cream and taupe. Use light colors to bring in contrast dark color. Light colored doors with matching sidings appear more bland and lifeless.

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