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Composite Doors: The Benefits of Installing a

by:Casen Doors     2020-09-11
Protecting your home with a composite door
The front door to your home is often the first thing visitors notice when they approach or pass by your property. The front door can enhance the appearance of your entryway and contribute to making a definitive statement for your home. Back entry doors, while not as prominent, are no less important. These are the doors that connect your home's indoor and outdoor living spaces, the doors your family use more often than the front doors. Whether they are installed on the front or the back, composite doors, provide beauty, endurance, and most important of all, security for your home.
What are composite doors?
In appearance, high quality composite doors are often indistinguishable from fine wood doors. They are designed with wood grain and come in a variety of finishes, such as walnut or cherry. However, these doors are made of fiber glass - a tough, resilient material designed to stand up to the demand of daily use as well as extremes in weather conditions. They are hard-wearing, appealing, and have an almost infinite number of optional design alternatives such as panels or panes.
Composite doors are made of a combination of PVC, polyfoam, hardwood, GRP, exploiting the effectiveness and aesthetic benefits of each textile to constitute a door that is far superior to many of the alternatives available today. The main advantage of using hardwood is that it provides an interior frame of strength and stability. They come in a variety of different finishes like Wood plastic doors or Fiberglass based doors.
Wood plastic composite doors are made from cellulose fiber fillers such as sawdust mixed with plastic, coloring agents and foam for insulation. The molding process that puts it all together allows for a large variety of designs and finishes. The plastic based exterior can be designed to look remarkably similar to a wood finish or a more contemporary design.
Fiberglass composites, made from fiberglass and resin, provide even more design options for the finished surface. The core of the door, usually made from polyurethane, provides superior insulation, while the fiberglass skin is weather resistant, won't fade or crack and does not require painting.
In the door-making world, composite doors are most often thought of the epitome of security for a home. The reason that this type of door has developed so much of a following has to do with the consistency of materials used in the manufacturing of each composite door. Each of the hall doors which are made have to abide by certain qualifications and specifications in order to be suitable for selling.

However, with the increased prevalence of cheap doors, it has become far more affordable.
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