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Composite Doors: A Short History of Composite Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-10
Most people don't know what composite doors are and what their history is all about. This should be made known so that they can appreciate such types of doors more. There are actually different types of doors nowadays, but one of the most interesting kinds is the composite door. Looking Into Doors Doors are very essential parts, not only of every home, but also of every building or even any kind of infrastructure. It is very important that you choose a door that is not only durable, but is also attractive as it serves as the entrance to your home or building. Doors, aside from serving as an entrance, can also be considered as a protection from all the harmful elements outside. It also serves to provide you with by giving you your much needed privacy. Just imagine if there were not doors. Every home, building or infrastructure would be very open to almost anyone or even anything. First Type of Door: Wooden Doors The doors that were usually used before are commonly made up of the popular timbers by then. The woods that were primarily used at that time were just acquired from whatever was available in their environment. Woods in the surrounding areas of homes are usually the ones used for doors regardless of their type and even of their quality. The problem with total wooden doors back then was that they could be very expensive. Some wooden types were actually very pricey, making it truly unaffordable for those who just wanted to have a good door for their home or infrastructure. Most of these wooden doors do not have much ability to adapt to temperature changes, thus making them more prone to damage. It was very difficult to replace a damaged wooden door because it was very expensive and sometimes, it would be hard to find a good source for one. Taking a New Step with PVC Doors Because of this rising problem when it comes to wooden doors, the creation of PVC doors were initiated. PVC is actually defined as polyvinyl chloride and it is known to be a type of plastic. PVC is widely used in construction because it is a lot cheaper as compared to other types of materials. It is also known to be stronger and thus more durable because it can easily adapt to different temperature conditions. It is also flexible as it is known to be soft, thus it is used in various industries. These qualities of PVC make it truly fit for making doors. PVC doors are made cheaper as compared to the wooden type of doors. Going Into the Modern Style: Composite Doors Like any other material, PVC doors also have their own set of disadvantages. The problem with this type of doors is that they are not actually attractive and the panels could be easily damaged with adequate force. This makes it unsafe to use in homes and buildings as they are easy to break. This is the reason why composite doors were actually created. Composite doors are proven to be very durable, safe, attractive and even affordable. Composite doors are easily maintained and are definitely proven to be long lasting. This is the history behind the creation of the composite doors which can be considered as one of the best types of doors nowadays.
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