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Comparing Wood and Steel Garage Doors - Which Is Better?

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-21
Selecting a new garage door is not an easy task but you should give importance to it since your garage is a significant part of your house. Garage doors might be the largest moving part of our houses. It's highly necessary to be decisive when choosing which type of garage door to use for your house. There are two major considerations: the design and the material of the doors. Two of the most popular types of garage doors are wood and steel. Which one is suitable for your house? Let's take a look at their advantages and disadvantages. Wood has always been a favorite choice in almost any house ornament. It looks classical and elegant and it can mix well with your house. For economic wood doors, it's not difficult to paint them to produce your desired color of door that blends well with your house motif. Wooden doors are versatile in functions since they can include windows, paneling that add more beauty and value to your home. People can get easily impressed when they see your classy wooden doors. Wood types are great for your house, with their strong built and long lifespan; however, they are quite expensive. Wood garage doors are comparatively more expensive than steel types. There are various prices depending on the model, whether it's a basic model or a classic one. Whichever you select, steel is still a cheaper alternative. The main disadvantage of wooden doors is the high maintenance requirement. They have to be waterproofed, treated against other elements, and taken better care of than other types of doors. If you don't provide the necessary maintenance, your wooden doors may rot over time and warp, especially in bad weather conditions. Steel doors are affordable alternatives which offer several benefits. They come in cheap prices and the installation is much easier than wooden types. They also require less maintenance. You don't have to waterproof or paint them unlike wooden doors. However, they don't look that much attractive compared to wood garage doors. If you're not concerned about vanity or beauty of doors, then steel doors are great for your house. Steel doors are strong but they may have dents easily if hit. The question now boils down to aesthetic purposes. If your top consideration for purchasing a door is one with attractive and impressive looks that blends well with your home environment, then you may want to select a wooden door. That said, wooden doors can be very expensive and may not fit within your budget. If you prefer to be practical and don't care much about the appearance of the doors, steel doors are perfect for you. These are also cheaper so you won't have to worry about spending too much money.
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