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3 Tips to Choosing an Entry Door That's Beautiful

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-05
When it comes to choosing your front door, you want one that enhances the front view of your home; blends well with your architecture and style of your home; is sturdy, long-lasting, functional and yet beautiful! The first thing you need to decide is the material of your door. What's it going to be? Wood, fiberglass, or steel? Here's the scope on each with tips in each category that will help extend the life of your door. Wood Doors Wood has quaint warmth that cannot compare with any other material. Wood have a variety of molding options that can be complemented with an array of glass styles. Carved patterns on wood doors transform your door into a beautiful work of art making an elegant entry door for your home. You can paint wood doors, stain or finish them with lacquer in the color of your choice. If you want strong, wood doors, choose ones with mortise and tendon joints. Wood can last a long time. Of course, you will need to protect it from the Sun, wind and rain but you can always restore the look by refinishing. Tip 1: To prevent wood doors from warping Humidity can warp it. You can prevent doors from warping Frame and panel construction give the wood space to contract and expand. Thick veneer on the face and sides of the door can also prevent doors from warping. High-quality doors with stave cores don't warp at all. Steel Doors Steel doors are the right choice if you're looking for security. Durability and energy efficiency, however, can vary with the kind of steel door you choose. Steel doors are available in two kinds of foam core. If you're looking for energy-efficiency, choose steel doors with polyurethane spray foam. These will expand leaving no air pockets for air to escape. Steel doors don't necessarily have to be gray! These come in a number of colors and factory finishes like embossed wood grain pattern, primed and ready-to-paint. There are several choices for frames-solid wood, engineered, composite or steel frames. When choosing a frame for your steel door, remember wooden frames tend to warp and are not durable. The strongest would be steel frames. Tip 2: Re-paint your steel door every 3 years The surface of steel doors tends to wear out quickly. Repainting the door every three years will make your steel door look as good as new. Fiberglass doors Although nothing comes close to the beauty of wood, fiberglass doors with wood grain finish are the next best choice. Fiberglass gives you a double advantage. You have the durability and security of steel, with the beauty and warmth of wood. Fiberglass doors are available in a number of styles and can be purchased painted, stained, unfinished, primed or ready-to-paint. Fiberglass doors can have a smooth finish or you can choose a wood grain texture. Glass style options give you an infinite choice of design and style to suit your taste and lifestyle. Tip 3: Maintain your fiberglass door to make it last long Fiberglass is easy to maintain. Keep it clean with regular wiping. Fill scratches or holes with fillers and refinish it to maintain a new look! If you need help choosing the right entry door for your home, click here for more information.
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